What Is A Protest Song?

A protest song is a song that is written to coincide with a specific movement that is happening at the time.  Protests have been used to compete against ideas of war and segregation.  Protest songs are also known as “topical songs” because it is talking about a specific topic and is connected to a certain current event at the time.  Protest songs contain lyrics that downgrade the issue that they are addressing and the artist is trying to instill their beliefs into the listener by the way they write their lyrics.  This blog will feature music that covers the issue of the Vietnam War, which took place from November 1, 1955 until April 30, 1975.  The war was mainly argued by protestors because of the draft and of the fact that it wasn’t a war that America had to fight in.  These songs all had some sort of commentary about the war that I will address.


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